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The End of Incentivized Reviews At Amazon - Deals For Reviews

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When signing up as a Reviewer at Deals For Reviews, you agree that you will provide a reasonably detailed, accuracte, and honest review about the products you receive. Sellers' terms may vary as to the length of the review and the place it will be published.

Always review the terms of the deal before purchasing a product.

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The End of Incentivized Reviews At Amazon

Mar 16, 2017 by Administrator

On October 3, 2016 Amazon made a change in...

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The End of Incentivized Reviews At Amazon

Posted on Mar 16, 2017 by Administrator

On October 3, 2016 Amazon made a change in their terms to no longer allow incentivized reviews. This led to a big change in the way sellers operate on Amazon as far as offering products out in exchange for reviews. Prior to that time, sellers were fully permitted to offer products free or at a reduced price in exchange for Amazon reviews. In the interest of transparency, sellers were encouraged and required to disclose in their review that they received it at a discount or for free. This ultimately led to many complaints from people who saw this disclaimer and felt it was reason to disqualify the review as inaccurate, even though the large part of incentivized reviews were honest and helpful to other buyers. 

Do sellers still want at need reviews on their products?

Of course. The need for testimonials and reviews is always present, even if the incentivized approach no longer works for Amazon. Reviewers who built up large followings and caches of reviews on Amazon may want to consider taking their future reviews to other marketplaces, social media, or their own websites. We will discuss these possibilities in future blogs. 

How does this affect Deals For Reviews?

Deals For Reviews is still a great place to find awesome deals on awesome products. You are no longer required to write reviews on Amazon. 

We hope you enjoy the new website and continue to visit us often. 

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